Farewell to Julia Pileggi

This week we say goodbye to our Term 2 Artist in Residence, Ms. Julia Pileggi.
Using her experience as a performance poet, actor, writer, director and instructor, Ms. Pileggi worked with students and teachers from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 11.

She led spoken word workshops, facilitated a weekly writing group, collaborated with drama students for the MYP Text and Performance Event, introduced new units using performance-based and group activities and, ultimately, helped and encouraged students to get out of their comfort zone and take risks.
Said Ms. Pileggi: “Using my artistic lens, I supported the curriculum and connected units of inquiry to a broader perspective. We all have the tools inside ourselves to speak in front of a group or perform and I worked to help students feel confident and join together as a team.

It has been a highlight to speak and connect with students and get a glimpse into their everyday life. There are so many stories within the school and everyone has so much to share. St. John’s has been an incredible place to experiment, play and learn. The students were engaged, willing and capable of rising to any occasion.

St. John's School is a strong and considerate community and I felt so welcome during my time here.”

Thank you, Ms. Pileggi!