SJS Summer to Discover Policies and General Information

SJS Summer to Discover programmes are designed for participants 4-16 years of age. Each programme has an engaging theme incorporating a variety of games, sports, arts, crafts, special events and day trips designed for the age group of the camp participants.

On the first day of camp, be prepared to stay a few extra minutes so our staff can ensure that your child is signed in and that we have all of the required information from you.

Policies and Information

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  • What to bring and wear

    Participants should arrive equipped for the entire day of the programme. All participants need to bring their own refillable water bottles, lunches, snacks, sunscreen and hats. 

    Sunscreen should be applied before arriving at camp each day. It is important to remind your child that he or she will need to reapply frequently throughout the day. We recommend cream rather than spray-on, as kids tend to play with the spray and often do not get adequate sun coverage.  

    SJS Summer to Discover t-shirts will be distributed on the first day of each programme to new participants. Programme participants are expected to wear their t-shirts each day. Additional t-shirts can be ordered for $10.

    Please ensure that your child is be dressed appropriately for the weather, with layers that can be added or removed with varying temperatures. We recommend packing a change of clothes in case clothes get wet during the day. Please remember to label all belongings with your child’s name so that we can return any misplaced items.
  • Lunches and snacks

    Participants are required to bring their own packed lunches each day. We encourage participants to eat nutritious food so that they will have lots of energy for activities. 
    Please note: there will be no opportunity to drop lunches off for campers.

    We make every effort to reduce the waste produced by our summer programmes and to motivate campers to take responsibility for the environment. Please send garbage-free lunches: food in reusable containers without disposable packaging. Some programmes will not always be close to garbage and recycling receptacles at snack and lunch times. While our school promotes and uses a recycling programme, we acknowledge that reducing single-use containers is a much more environmentally conscious practice.
  • Nut free

    Due to high-risk allergies, our programmes are peanut- and nut-free. Please do not send your children with food items containing peanuts or other nuts.
  • Activities

    Weekly schedules will be provided for reference in each programme regarding planned activities, special events, and day trip information. These schedules are subject to change.
  • Pick-up times and late fees

    Pick-up times for our programmes are as follows:

    Morning Programmes: 12:15 pm
    Afternoon and Full Day Programmes: 3:30 pm
    After-Camp Care: 5:00

    Please ensure that you are on time to pick up your child, as supervision is not available past these pick-up times. 

    A fee of $25 may be charged for late pick-ups.

    If your child is registered in both a morning and an afternoon programme on the same day, there is no need to pick up your child at lunch time – participants will be transferred between programmes and given an opportunity to eat lunch.
  • Medical

    Medical forms should be completed at the time of registration and are accessible through our registration system. The information provided – medical, emergency and pick-up – is essential in providing the best care for your child. 

    If your child requires an EpiPen for an allergy with an anaphylactic reaction, we ask that it be kept in a small waistband pouch on the body of the child. This ensures that as camp groups change locations and move around with or without lunch containers or backpacks, the medication is accessible in a situation of need.

    Camp leaders are unable to administer medications to campers unless written permission is provided by a parent or guardian. Please inform camp leaders if you require a Permission to Administer Medications form. 

    If you have questions or think your child may require additional attention, please contact the Summer to Discover Coordinator at to discuss how we can best meet your child's needs.
  • Participant illness

    A child who is unwell should be kept home from camp. Please email in the morning to advise leaders of your child’s absence, including his or her full name and programme name. Participants should not return to camp until they are healthy again.

    If a participant becomes sick during the day while at camp, SJS will contact parents to ask them to pick up their child. If parents cannot be reached, the designated emergency contact will be called. Please make sure the emergency contact listed for your child is current and available.
  • Behaviour

    All programme participants are expected to interact in a positive and appropriate manner with their fellow participants, staff and other members of the SJS Summer to Discover community.

    Each week, the leaders and participants will discuss rules that they feel are important when creating a safe and enjoyable programme environment. These rules are based around the premise of mutual respect and behaving respectfully towards oneself, others, and one’s environment. The following is expected of all participants: 
    • Appropriate language
    • Respect for the belongings of others and for the equipment and facilities provided by the programme
    • Safe behaviour and adherence to safety rules at all times, including attention to spatial boundaries
    Please discuss the above with your child prior to the first day of programme. Participants who are unable to meet these expectations risk losing their place in the programme.
    Negative behaviours (including, but not limited to: harassment, verbal threats, physically aggressive behaviour, bullying) that impact others physically or emotionally will result in immediate dismissal or removal from camp at the discretion of SJS. Participants may also be removed from camp as a result of behaviour that places them at risk or whose conduct is disruptive or otherwise deemed unacceptable. Refunds will not be granted for dismissal in these cases. 
  • Language

    All participants must be proficient in English in order to partake in the SJS Summer to Discover program. This language requirement is essential so that camp leaders are able to communicate with participants and to ensure their safety and enjoyment of the programmes.
  • Refund policy

    If you need to cancel your child's registration in one of our programmes, please contact us at 

    If you are cancelling on or prior to May 31, you will receive a refund for your registration. After May 31, registration fees are non-refundable. Pro-rating and refunds are not available for days absent or for any other reasons, including injuries or illness.
  • Waitlist

    If your first-choice programme is full at the time of your registration, you may add your child to the waitlist and/or select an alternate programme for registration. Joining the waitlist provides us information about programme interest and we may be able to add a leader and open additional spaces in popular camps. 

    If and when spaces become available, waitlisted registrants will be contacted. If this was to occur and you had already registered in a second-choice programme, we would be able to move your child to a newly available programme space.
  • Programme cancellations

    SJS Summer to Discover may be required to cancel a camp due to insufficient enrolment, in which case registrants will be contacted and offered transfers to suitable substitute programmes. If a suitable substitute programme cannot be found, all fees for a cancelled camp will be refunded.