Following the completion of our 2013 Strategic Plan, we are very excited to be embarking on a process to renew our Strategic Plan.

As an important part of this process, through a variety of methods, we are seeking the input of stakeholder communities about your experiences with St. John's School and your expectations for the future. We are pleased to be working with Berlineaton, a management consulting firm with extensive experience with independent schools in Canada.

We invite all members of our community to provide your input through the online form on this page. Your feedback, along with the results of the Parent Satisfaction Survey conducted earlier in 2019, will inform this important process.

We have engagement events planned for early in the new school year to further collaborate and consult with you as we develop our new Strategic Plan  watch this space for more details.

I look forward to hearing from you all as we shape St. John's School's future together.

Blayne Addley            Robert (Rob) Marsh                Michael Murphy
Head of School          Chair, Board of Governors      Chair, Strategic Planning Committee


Provide Your Feedback

We welcome community members' input to help us develop our Strategic Plan. Feedback is anonymous and will be submitted to the Strategic Planning Committee. Please provide your feedback below.
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Strategic Planning Committee

Michael Murphy, Chair
Jonathan Buchwald
Angela Dudek*
Trevor Gale*
Lee-Lynn Gan
Gary Kuno*
Stacey Lee
Chris Leung
Alan Russell
Linda Thyer

*denotes ex officio members. Head of School and Chair of the Board are ex officio members on all committees.

Strategic Planning Process Updates


Wednesday, October 9 

We would like to thank the parents, staff, faculty and students who took part in our strategic planning focus groups on Wednesday, October 9. Over 100 participants shared their thoughts on our school’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 
Our consulting firm, Berlineaton, will now review comments from all stakeholder groups and identify common themes. They will present these themes to the Board of Governors, Strategic Planning Committee and Senior Leadership Team. This feedback will form the basis for further discussion to identify our future goals.

Wednesday, September 11

The Board of Governors, Strategic Planning Committee and members of the senior leadership team met with Berlineaton, a management consulting firm with extensive experience with Canadian independent schools. The group came together for the first time to establish timelines and objectives for the process.