Following the completion of our 2013 Strategic Plan, we are continuing the process of renewing our Strategic Plan.

We look forward to working with our governors, administration and faculty to further develop our goals and objectives over the coming months. Our new Strategic Plan will be shared with the community during the 2020-2021 school year.

We want to thank all of our community members parents, students and staff who participated in the strategic planning process.

Blayne Addley              Pamela Jefcoat                        Michael Murphy
Head of School            Chair, Board of Governors      Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Timeline

September 2019 
Berlineaton on-site for project design session with Strategic Planning Committee, Board of Governors and Senior Leadership Team

October 2019 
Strategic Plan Feedback Form posted on SJS website for community input

Berlineaton on-site for Focus Groups with students, parents, staff, faculty and Senior Leadership team

December 2019 
Berlineaton on-site for Focus Groups with faculty, staff and MYP and DP students

February 2020 
Defining goals and strategic priorities with the Board of Governors, Strategic Planning Committee and the Senior Leadership Team

April 2020 
Planning session with select Board members, Senior Leadership Team members and faculty/staff.

May 2020 
Strategic Plan Feedback Form closed

September 2020 
Strategic Planning Committee to submit plan to the Board of Governors for approval 

Early 2021
Plan to be communicated to the SJS community 

Strategic Planning Committee

Michael Murphy, Chair
Jonathan Buchwald
Angela Dudek*
Trevor Gale*
Lee-Lynn Gan
Gary Kuno*
Stacey Lee
Chris Leung
Alan Russell
Linda Thyer

*denotes ex officio members. Head of School and Chair of the Board are ex officio members on all committees.