List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Is there an application fee?

    Yes, there is a $300 application fee per child. There is a $100 for any re-applications.
  • How do I reapply?

    If you have previously applied and wish to be reconsidered for the upcoming intake, please login to your mySJS account and select 're-application'. Do not create a new profile. There is a $100 re-application fee.

    If you have forgotten your password, please refer to our login help page or contact our office.
  • What are your intake years?

    Our main intake years are Junior Kindergarten (28 new students), Kindergarten (4 new students), Grade 1 (4 new students) and Grade 4 (8 new students). Due to increased course availability, St. John's has spots for 6-8 new students in Grade 11. Many students come to St. John's in Grade 11 to join our IB Diploma Programme.

    Based on availability, we will accept applications for all other grades throughout the year. Please note that late applicants must contact the Admissions Office before applying.

    St. John's occassionally accepts students entering Grade 12, if they have met the Grade 11 IB programme requirements. Please contact the Admissions department prior to completing an application.

  • Do you accept international students?

    St. John's School is a day school and all students are required to live with at least one parent or guardian. Please refer to our International Applicants page.

    We also require proof of parent status and will need a copy of the parents citizenship.
  • What is the English language requirement?

    Applicants must be fluent in English. Language proficiency will be determined through the admissions interview and written assessment.
  • What does the assessment look like?

    Assessments take place in December, January and February, depending on the grade the applicant is applying for. The purpose of the assessment is to determine if a child is ready for and interested in our programme. Children are not expected to prepare for the assessment in advance.

    Intake Years (Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 4, Grade 11)
    All grades, minus Grade 11 will be required to sit an in-house assessment. The assessment will take place in our gymnasium or atrium to ensure we provide adequate physical distancing. 

    In addition to this, one on one assessments will also take place with teachers. Surfaces will be sanitized between each individual assessment.  

    Grades 6 to 11
    Students will be expected to complete the SSAT and a character skills snapshot. 

    Non-Intake Years
    No assessments will take place until the re-enrolment of current families has been completed. If any spaces become available, the assessment procedure will be the same as the Intake years.  
  • Are references required? 

    References are not required at St. John's.

    We primarily hope to learn about your child and your family through our interview process and academic supporting documents.

    However, if you do wish to provide a reference please email it to:
  • Do siblings have priority?

    Yes. Provided the sibling fully meets the academic requirements of St. John’s, we warmly welcome applications from siblings and are committed to keeping families together. We also offer a 5% family tuition discount for each additional family member enrolled at our school.

    It is encouraged that sibling applications are submitted by November 1, 2020.
  • What is required for proof of parent status and proof of residency for domestic applicants?

    Proof of parent status refers to your status in Canada. For example, permanent residency, citizenship, visitor permit or work permit. 

    Proof of residency is used to validate your current BC address. For example, your driver's license, utility bill or tenancy agreement.
  • What is required for proof of parent status and proof of residency for international applicants?

    Proof of residency can be provided on arrival in Canada. For proof pr parent status, you will be required to submit your current passport.
  • Is financial aid available?

    Financial aid is available to students applying to grades 8 through 12.

    Applicants must first submit an application for admission (directly to St. John's School Admissions Office) as well as an application for financial aid through Apple Financial Services.
  • I'm in the waiting pool. What's next?

    Congratulations for meeting the admission requirements for St. John’s School. If you are in the waiting pool, it means currently no spaces are available in the grade you are applying for. We ask that you keep your file active by sending us your most up-to-date reports cards and let us know if you wish your file to remain active for the following year. 
  • What happens if I forget my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, please do not create a new account. Instead, please refer to our login help page or contact our office.