Carl - Graduate

Carl joined St. John's School in Grade 8. He was attracted by the holistic approach to education that the IB programme offers; it provided Carl the opportunity to explore his passions and subjects independently and proved a perfect fit for his inquisitive personality. 

While at St. John's, Carl developed a love of Neuroscience. Carl is currently studying Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. 

In his own words 
"My time at St. John's school helped me grow as a person. When I joined in Grade 8 I was very shy, but as time went on, the school helped me develop a sense of intellectualism & confidence in my abilities. I chose to take the IB programme, because it provides a very comprehensive range of subjects. It gives me the freedom to choose what I want to learn

Silvia - Diploma Programme

Silvia joined St. John's school in Grade 9 and is now in Grade 12. She is multi-lingual and speaks English, Mandarin and French.  
Silvia appreciates the open and exciting atmosphere that promotes academic discovery at St. John's. She feels like the school pushes each student to craft their own unique path. While at St. John's, Silvia has written a historical novel, completed an extended essay on Anglo-French relations and its impact on the revolutionary war, jammed with the honours band & joined our basketball team. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in politics as a strategic advisor. 
In her own words 
"Since I came to St John’s School, I feel like a new life for me has begun. We have responsible and caring teachers and it's a place where I have made great friends. Like any situation in life, I have encountered obstacles, but the school and my friends here have helped me overcome any challenges to achieve success in many areas." 

Athan - Middle Years Programme

Athan is currently in Grade 8 at St. John's School.
When he first joined St. John's, he was nervous about transferring from a public school but he stated that everyone from his teachers to his classmates embraced him and made him feel immediately comfortable. He thinks the learning is in-depth, but also fun, and the support systems in place provide him the tools to overcome any challenge. 
An active student by nature, Athan has especially benefited from the variety of athletic co-curricular activities available at St. John's and loves representing The Eagles across many of the different sports that are available at the school. 
In his parent's words 
"We were so impressed by Athan's progress at SJS that we enrolled our daughter there as well. In the past 3 years, we have witnessed Athan developing into a kind and well-balanced young gentleman. Additionally, St. John's COVID response was incredibly well planned and our children did not suffer from a decline in the quality of their education or social experiences."

Vivienne - Primary Years Programme

Vivienne joined St. John's School in Junior Kindergarten and is now in Grade 6. 
Vivienne loves that St. John's school has taught her about the importance of balance and being open-minded. She stated her teachers make learning a joy by involving lots of interactive activities, alongside being kind and caring. This encouraging environment has allowed Vivienne to try her hand at many different disciplines including music, drama and sport. Vivienne recently took part in class elections and was elected class prime minister. 
In her parent's words 
"Vivienne has found lifelong friends and a rich learning experience at St. John's School.  She has grown so much on both a personal and educational level; through the years the teachers and staff have consistently guided and challenged her to achieve her best.  As parents, we are very appreciative of the St. John's community. As a small school,  the environment is intimate and caring, and this is reflected in the close relationships the students and families develop with the faculty, staff and each other."