We care

We are a known as a tight-knit, strong community of teachers, students, staff and parents who work together to ensure everyone is healthy, accepting and safe. A St. John’s School education is shaped by individual attention, small class sizes and a culture of collaboration, caring and respect.

Students are challenged

The rigour of the IB curriculum means our students and staff are challenged every day. They are challenged to learn about themselves and the world around them. Every member of our community explores the talents, skills and interests they have that can make an difference in the world.

It is real life

Just like real life – St. John’s is co-educational. In the classroom, in the gym and in co-curricular activities, boys and girls use their individual and combined strengths to work and play together.

St. John's is urban. We are close to parks, community centres, restaurants and more. Our students have classes at the park, display their art at the local coffee shop, distribute hot chocolate to our neighbours and older students frequent the restaurants nearby. Students steadily gain independence and worldliness throughout their time here.

SJS is a happy place

There’s no doubt about it, St. John’s School is a lively and busy place where students enjoy themselves with their classmates, students from other grades and with their teachers. Our diverse array of events, from talent shows to community BBQs, bring people together in supportive and happy environments.

We are connected

We are connected with each other, our local community and our global world. Students know students in other classrooms, other grades and other schools. Students volunteer with a range of community organizations on a regular basis. Students travel abroad every year on leadership and service trips, connecting with students from other cultures. Students Skype with children from other IB schools around the world.

Our students are interesting

Our students are dancers, artists, public speakers, chess players, basketball stars, designers and so much more. Some come to St. John’s with these interests, while others develop their interests and talents through our diverse courses, clubs and athletic options. Some are passionate about the environment, others about global issues. Some are keen on stock market competitions. Whatever their passion, they can explore it at St. John’s.

Students find and follow their passions

The IB curriculum provides students with unique opportunities to explore their individual passions while learning. Grade 5 Student Exhibitions, Grade 10 Personal Projects and Grade 12 Extended Essays are all student-led explorations on a subject of personal interest where students research the topic, present their findings and showcase their knowledge and passion of their subject through displays and presentations. The topics are varied, complex, personal and interesting. Through the process, students build skills and confidence.

We think ahead

In order for graduates to succeed in our ever-growing complex and connected world, students must develop strong communication skills, learn to effectively work in groups and be able to embrace change and difference.

That’s exactly why we embraced the globally recognized IB curriculum as the best vehicle to prepare students for school, university and life. Our graduates speak two or more languages, have already written a 4,000 word research essay, work in teams frequently, have successfully taken a variety of exams and are knowledgeable about the world around them. Graduates tells us they feel well prepared for the bright future ahead of them.

Our graduates are ready

100% of our graduates are accepted into a university of their choice. We are proud of that fact, but what we are most proud of is how successful and happy our students are in their lives after school. Not only do they graduate from university, they remain active volunteers and life-long learners.
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