Our Students are Interesting

Our students are dancers, artists, public speakers, chess players, basketball stars, designers and so much more. Some come to St. John’s with these interests, while others develop their interests and talents through our diverse courses, clubs and athletic options. Whatever their passion, they can explore it at St. John’s.
The IB curriculum provides students with unique opportunities to explore their individual passions while learning. Student-led personal projects allow our students to follow their inspiration and research interesting topics, present relevant findings and showcase their knowledge, passion and expertise.
Through this process, students build technical skills, confidence and cultivate their personal interests.

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“Staying active keeps me in a good mindset and helps me release energy. It also introduces me to many new people and opportunities, such as being an assistant coach for a junior school team. Athletics allow me to learn how to manage my time and work efficiently. I have to know how to plan ahead, focus and take the initiative to approach my teachers.Allen Pan – Grade 12