Our graduates are studying, working and living in every corner of the world.
As they graduate, each student is welcomed into the Alumni Association and encouraged to remain involved in the school and to keep us informed about their latest achievements and life milestones. The school works with members of the Alumni Association to host receptions and events throughout the year to give alumni the opportunity to connect with each other and with St. John's.

Many of our alumni return to the school to say hello to their former teachers, to meet with current Grade 11 and 12 students to share their advice on their university experience so far and to volunteer their time and wisdom at our Grade 10 Career Fair. For more information about how you can get involved within the alumni community or at the school, please contact the Advancement Office at 604 732 4434 or advancement@stjohns.bc.ca.

Our Alumni Association Executive

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  • India Coates '18

    India is currently in a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Management Dual Degree Program at the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business. She is pursuing a career in management. India was heavily involved in public speaking, musicals, Business Club, volleyball, and Student Council during her time at St. John’s.

    Fondest memory
    One of my favourite SJS memories is when a small group of students from different grades competed at an International Public Speaking Competition in Toronto. The trip was chaperoned by Mr. Vodrey and Ms. Chang; it couldn't have been more fun. SJS has always been a place where you can talk to students in other grades, and the teachers who are always so supportive made this trip stellar. SJS builds community through outdoor and educational field trips, which create the foundation to a really unique and wonderful community.

    Hopes for the Alumni Association
    Always stay unique and be yourself because you bring 'you' to the table. No matter where you go, you will always be proud of your accomplishments by simply doing your best. 
  • Claire Corlett '17

    Claire is attending the University of British Columbia and is pursuing a career in TV and film. Her greatest achievement was performing live improvisation at Second City in Chicago. Claire attended St. John’s School from Kindergarten to Grade 12, making her a SJS lifer. While at St. John's, she was Head Prefect on Student Council and participated in Senior Soccer and the school musicals.

    Favourite SJS Memory:
    In Grade 2, a student and I were sent to the front office desk to deliver an envelope. On our way back up the stairs, a mock intruder drill took place. We freaked out and ran up the stairs. As I knocked on another classroom’s door of a teacher I barely knew at the time and who didn’t teach me, she invited us in and we felt safe. Although that’s kind of a funny story, I’ve always felt like this about St. John’s: no matter who you talk to, they’re always friendly, caring, nurturing, and inviting. It’s an incredible atmosphere I wish more kids got to experience.

    Hope for the Alumni Association:
    Since graduating, I’ve visited teachers, students, and classrooms a large amount of times. I hope that the future SJS alumni feel like they can do the same; return back to a place where the people in the school really appreciated them and can’t wait to see what they do next. Graduating high school is such a huge shift in a teenager’s life, and it only gets more exciting and challenging from that point onward. I hope everyone can feel like I do, and that SJS is their second home; always there for them.
  • Sheetal Gupta '99

    Sheetal is the president and owner of a jewellery company and is an expert on diamonds, precious gemstones and fine jewellery. She is proud to create the lifer rings for graduating students. She is also very involved in several philanthropic organizations around the world.
  • Cameron Ho '12

    Cameron currently works in the investment industry with Fidelity International in London, UK. He completed a degree in Middle Eastern History and Politics at Exeter University. Cameron started at St. John’s School in Grade 4 and served as Head Prefect in his final year.

    Favourite SJS Memory:
    All of the school trips. learning about government in Ottawa, mountain biking on Vancouver Island and skiing at Manning Park. 
    Hope for the Alumni Association: 
    To encourage alumni to stay in touch with the school and each other, regardless of where they are in the world or how long ago they graduated. 
  • Patrick Ludemann ’14

    During his time at St. John’s, Patrick was heavily involved in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer and volleyball. 

    After completing the IB Diploma Programme at St. John’s in 2014, Patrick attended the University of Western Ontario. He graduated with a business degree specializing in marketing. 

    Since graduating, Patrick has chosen to start his professional career in cyber security. He currently works in downtown Vancouver for the world’s leading AI company for cyber security: Darktrace. 

    Favourite SJS Memory: 

    In grade 11, I was a pivotal member of the first Senior Boys Basketball team that won the SJS Jam (our school's basketball tournament). 

    Hope for the alumni association:

    To build an alumni culture similar to the one I experienced at university.
  • Jackson Wu '12

    Jackson works in sales in the financial technology industry. He graduated from the UBC Sauder School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. Jackson was very involved with the music programme during his time at St. John’s.