We have 570 students at St. John’s, from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. Many of our students enter at Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten or Grade 11 but many students have the opportunity to join us at grades in between.

We conducted a student welfare and satisfaction survey in 2019. 
The results give us much to celebrate. Students feel that teachers and fellow classmates are kind to each other and treat each other. Most students feel that teachers care about their feelings and encourage them to be good people; as a result, students said that they feel safe and welcome at the school.
The survey affirmed that our students are well rounded and engaged in many activities beyond the classroom. A fantastic 94% of students are involved in one or more school clubs, with three quarters of students saying they have been involved in sports this year. Moreover, students feel they are well respected by other students when attending clubs.

Students make conscientious suggestions for continuing to improve our school, such as enhancing our efforts towards recycling and environmental friendliness.

The majority of students say that they are proud to go to St. John's School. These results spread pride across our whole community.