SJS St. John's School Society AGM

On Wednesday night, the SJS St. John’s School Society held its Annual General Meeting. The members attending were interested to hear about the completion of the Arts and Science Centre; the Junior School renovations planned for this summer; the school’s commitment to attracting and retaining the best faculty; and the strategic planning process to come in 2019.

The three governors with expiring terms, Darrell Chambers, Jeff Guise and Pam Jefcoat, were re-elected. All of the school’s governors are featured on the school website.

In addition to the regular business, our Treasurer, Lee-Lynn Gan, celebrated the strong financial position we have maintained even while we expand our facility. The philanthropic support for our programmes and facilities, in addition to prudent fiscal management, has resulted in a healthy financial condition.
I was delighted by our membership’s attendance at the meeting and the interest in the school’s up-coming initiatives. The evening was another demonstration of the commitment of our school families. I look forward to even more parent engagement opportunities through the strategic planning process in the new year.
- Rob Marsh, Board Chair