Grade 10s Showcase Personal Projects

Grade 10 students showcased their personal projects in an exhibit this week. There was a huge variety of projects, from web comics to photography to bed bug prevention! It was amazing to see how students had combined a number of disciplines into each project. We have profiled just a few of the projects here.

“I carved replicas of the imperial seals that they would affix to all the decrees and edicts during the Qing Dynasty. The seals are made from soapstone, which actually cuts like butter. I taught myself to carve through trial and error using chisels, a hacksaw and a file. I’ve been practising for three years. I also made the wooden boxes for the seals.”
Justin W.

“I’m doing a series of art on the theme of loneliness and isolation. I took photos and combined them with my drawings. I have been living away from my parents for four years, so these photos are designed to capture that feeling of being away from your town. I tried new techniques for this project, such as using charcoal and pastel and combining colours. It took me 9 hours to create one piece.” Sue

“I made an album of songs. It took me just over a month and then I thought “How can I make this more interesting?”. I had my friends play a video game while listening to the music I created and then tracked how the music affected their gaming performance. I had them listen to each song while they played the game and then graphed the scores they achieved while listening to that song. I found that when people listen to a song they like, regardless of what kind of music it was, they always performed better in the game. It shows that emotion is a factor in how well you play a game.” Jason L.

“I made a short horror film. I did the research, wrote the script, filmed, directed, and did all of the editing and sound editing myself. The film is called Red Revenge and it’s a serial killer movie. My friends acted in the film. I learned a lot about how lighting and sound are very important in a horror movie, and how to make use of sound effects to create scares.” Howard Z. Watch Red Revenge.