Students Showcase Work at IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition

Diploma Programme students showcased their artwork this week at the IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition in the Atrium. This special event was the culmination of two years of hard work and was an exciting opportunity for students to display and discuss their art pieces in public. Parents and community members were invited to visit the exhibit throughout the week.

Parent Harmeet Mundra said, “The exhibit is impressive beyond what I imagined. Every piece is unique. The multi-dimensional artwork is very interesting.”

Parent Sasha Schick, attending with her daughter Zozo (KA), said, “We’re enjoying the exhibit very much and it is nice to see what’s possible when students enter high school. The mixed media, such as the dress and the 3D work, is really impressive.”

View a photo gallery of the work here.

Each student presented a number of pieces centred around one cohesive theme. A few of the students explain their work here.

Selena Ke
Theme: Identity

“I especially like my piece See?. You have to look closely at the piece to work out which flowers are real and which are fake. It explores the inside and outside of identity and how sometimes we can’t tell the difference. By blending the flowers, I show how these two aspects of us are inseparable.

My piece Masks reflects the ‘masks’ we wear every day. The masks are tight together to create a feeling of pressure and weight that drags you down. The message is that you need to be your true self.

I have learned lots of techniques and worked with lots of different materials at school. This exhibit is the first time I’ve shown my work publicly and had people come in to ask questions.”

Claude Zhang
Theme: Black humour/horror

“I like horror manga and movies and wanted to explore the style. Every element in horror is so important because you are trying to grab the audience’s attention and make them focus, focus, focus until a climax that shocks them. It is an important form of art.

Ghost is my favourite piece. It talks about the Chinese tradition of ghost marriage. This is a very strange tradition that only exists in a patriarchal society, where it is considered a man’s duty to get married and have a child. If he passes away before marriage, his family will ‘buy’ a woman and give her spirit to him. This piece is digital acrylic, so it’s very smooth to the touch compared to my other pieces.

The art facilities at St. John’s are so important and have been very helpful to me.”

Mei Henderson
Theme: Hopeful loneliness

“My piece It’s Not Sad if You Think it’s Real represents me on one side, while the characters on the left represent my imagination. Reality is shown as bare and cold, but the imagination is what I use to navigate everyday life. I created and drew all of the characters. I take my inspiration from children’s illustration books. I am inspired by whimsy.

The cave in Wait it Out. Wait Nothing Out. represents your comfort zone while the thicket of the woods represent something you’re not really comfortable with. As you can see, the comfort zone is small.

This exhibit is the first time I have shown my artwork in person.”

Congratulations to all of our talented artists: Cindy Chen, Mei Henderson, Selena Ke, Sunnie Qu, Suzy Su, Warren Wang, Ethan Yiu and Claude Zhang.

Pictured: Mei Henderson, See? by Selena Ke, Masks by Selena Ke, Ghost by Claude Zhang, It's Not Sad if You Think it's Real by Mei Henderson, Wait it Out. Wait Nothing Out. by Mei Henderson, Untitled by Warren Wang, Eroded by Selena Ke.