PYP Exhibition Preview

Next Thursday, May 16, Grade 5 students will be showcasing the culmination of months of research and collaboration at the PYP Exhibition Evening.

The PYP exhibition involves students working together to conduct an in-depth inquiry into real-life issues or problems, such as vaccinations, homelessness, animal habit destruction and more. Students synthesize all of the essential elements of the PYP in ways that can be shared with the whole school community. The exhibition is a wonderful opprtounity to celebrate the transition of students into the next phase of their education.
As a preview of the evening, Group 2 students Abigail C., Claire H., Amanda L. and Lucas P. told us about their topic, Animal Testing:
“We chose animal testing because we didn’t know much about it and  were interested to learn about what happens to animals. We love animals and don’t like the fact that they get hurt in testing.

Every week, we research a different key concept. At the end, we will display a poster board at the exhibition. There will be a tech piece and an interactive piece. For our tech piece, we have a Kahoot! game on the iPad. For our interactive piece, we’re going to create a scratch and win card game where you play the role of an animal without a choice.

We are also thinking of making a styrofoam hand to represent 3D skin models – a new technology available for the testing of cosmetics. We learned a lot about these alternatives to animal testing, such as ‘organs-on-chips’.

We’ve been waiting since Kindergarten to do this project and have been working on it for months, so we are very excited to show off our hard work.”