Students Prepare for Japan Honours Band Trip

After many months of rehearsal and preparation, 30 students will be making the journey to Japan on Monday for the ten-day Japan Honours Band Trip.

This is the first overseas music trip at St. John’s and the excitement is palpable. Honours Band is a co-curricular club, and students have given their personal time on evenings and weekends to learn the music for the trip. Students face the added challenge of performing without sheet music in front of them, as per Japanese custom.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn about another culture. The SJS Japan Honours Band will be teaming up with Ichikawa Subaru High School to perform in a concert at Ichikawa Zennikkei Hall. The following day, we will be performing a fifteen-minute set with them at Tokyo DisneySea; following on from our Honours Band performance at Disneyland California, we expect this will be another unforgettable occasion. We will also take part in a taiko drum workshop, giving students the opportunity to learn a new instrument from a different part of the world.

The trip will be packed with many experiences beyond music. The group will attend a baseball game, visit (and eat at) a noodle museum, tour shrines, sightsee around Tokyo and, of course, enjoy a day of fun at Tokyo Disneyland following their big performance.

We are thrilled to provide these kinds of diverse, challenging, engaging, educational and fun opportunities through our co-curricular clubs. This will be an experience of a lifetime for our students and we look forward to sharing photos with you in the new school year.

Mr. Deans, Teacher, MYP Music, Honours Band