2018-2019 Experiential Learning Highlights

The St. John’s School values of character, diligence, loyalty and service are fostered through our outdoor education, service and leadership programmes. From Kindergarten onwards, students have year-round opportunities to explore the natural environment of British Columbia and beyond while developing their leadership and team building skills.
This year’s experiential learning highlights included:

ALL students from Kindergarten to Grade 10 took part in Outdoor Education

100% of our students participated in PYP, MYP and DP service projects
WHERE WE WENT IN 2018-2019
Camp Squeah
Camp Jubilee
Camp Cheakamus
Loon Lake
Los Angeles Design Trip
Japan Honours Band Trip
New York Model UN Trip
Montana Leadership Trip

“The Grade 7s went cross-country skiing at Whistler Olympic Park. These fun, eventful trips can really benefit the students. We get a chance to get to know our peers and teachers, forming better bonds in class. It can also be a form of de-stressing from the busy lives of school. This makes everyday classes much more enjoyable, with many amazing memories to share with classmates.” Isla B., Grade 7

“Camp Squeah was really fun. We got to do things that no one would be able to do in the city. We carved soapstone with a saw, hiked up a trail into the clouds and burned pictures into a piece of wood. Camp Squeah was a great way to get away from the commotion of the city and relax with the fun things one can do in nature!”  Gavin N., Grade 6

“At Strathcona Park Lodge, we took part in activities such as canoeing, hiking, building a fire and surviving in the wilderness. This was the first time I had ever camped outside in the forest and it was a unique experience. The group activities and games helped develop my teamwork and sportsmanship abilities. I learned many new skills such as compass navigation, leadership, map reading, route planning, first aid/emergency planning, cooking, knowledge of equipment and camping. It is important to have these outdoor experiences as I can enjoy the natural environment, explore and learn more about the world.” Arsh C., Grade 10

We are already excited for next year's adventures!