Diploma Programme Results Give us Much to Celebrate

Our Class of 2019 graduates' Diploma Programme results gave us even more to celebrate over the summer.
Highlights include:
  • Best-ever average Diploma score at 35 points out of 45 (the global average is 30).
  • Average subject grade of 5.49 out of 7 (the global average is 4.7).
  • Five students achieved forty or more points, which is our highest ever. For reference, forty points places a student in the top 7% worldwide. Two of our students placed in the top 3%.
  • Nine Bilingual Diplomas (eight Mandarin and one German). This is our largest number ever.

We are pleased to note that students who were most active in co-curriculars and student life beyond the classroom were among the highest achieving in their Diploma Programme. This is a testament to the mission, vision and values of St. John’s School and the IB Programme.