Students Create Mural for CAS Project

As part of their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project, Grade 12 students Sandy C., Lisa L., Jenny S. and Daisy Y. created a mural now on display at 1387 Marine Drive. 

Here, they tell us about their experience:

“We wanted to do a project that benefits the local community. As a group we discussed the mural design and the different elements we wanted to express. We decided to do an environmental piece representing West Vancouver. The leaves represent the forests, the cubes depict city blocks and the lines represent the long streets. It is shown from a bird’s eye view and depicts West Vancouver becoming industrialized, but still so close to nature. 

Getting permission to create the mural was the most difficult part of the project. We thought it might not come true because it took half a year to get permission from the City and work with the owner of the building. We called other mural artists in the community and learned that there is a lot more to creating a mural than we thought — hiring ladder companies and cleaning companies, for example.

We each had a role: gathering tools and equipment, designing and executing the mural, selecting paints, cleaning, transportation and more. 

To raise money for the project, we sold crafts at the Envision Craft Fair held by another CAS project group at school. The mural will be there permanently and it can be seen clearly from the street.”