Senior Girls Win Gold at Dig It Volleyball Tournament

Last Saturday, the SJS Senior Girls volleyball team won the Dig It tournament hosted right here at St. John’s! The team won all of their games.

MVP Jenny S. and team manager Jesslyn T., both in Grade 12,  told us about the experience:

Jenny: “There were a lot of spectators there for the Dig It final — the Grade 12s and the teachers came to support us. Everyone was cheering ‘let’s go Eagles!’ by the end. We were really happy to see that school spirit. When you know your friends, parents and teachers are watching, you think ‘this is my game’.

This is my fifth year playing volleyball. In Grade 8, I decided to give volleyball a try and I’ve become more and more involved. I enjoy playing as a team — it’s a really unique high school experience. People think that they are too busy with school work to get involved in athletics teams, but I find playing sports means my mind is focused on working with my team rather than worrying about upcoming school projects. It gives me a chance to take a mental break. We have so many clubs — why not give something a try? School is very inclusive and you will have the opportunity to play without getting cut. Ms. Kuno does a really job of involving everyone.

We’ve learned that anything is possible. Ms. Kuno says we can win anything if we continue with this same vibe that we have in the team now.”

Jesslyn: “Having spectators cheering for us really motivated the players. The team has been playing for a long time together, so the chemistry is really good. Dig It gave us something to look forward to and focus on other than school work. Winning Dig It was special for the Grade 12s, as it’s the last time we will play in this tournament and the first time we’ve won! Sports build friendships and connections that you can apply in everyday experiences.”

Congratulations, girls!