Grade 7 Girls Volleyball Win Bronze

By Doris Y., Grade 7

This Monday, the Grade 7 girls volleyball team competed at York House for the ISEA championships, along with many other private schools in the Lower Mainland. These girls worked extremely hard, being undefeated in their league.

The girls lost to Southridge by only one point in their semi-finals, but that did not stop them from doing their best in the next game and getting a bronze medal! 

They’ve been nothing but humble about their achievements. Coco J., a team member, says, “The team played amazing. We improved a lot from the beginning and we will always be improving. Best of all, we all had fun!” 

Ms. Finn said, “All season the girls have played their hardest, improved and had great fun. The team was a mix of experienced and first-time players; they all helped and supported each other. Each individual had their own strength. It was a pleasure to coach these girls and watch them grow as a team and individually. They will only go forward from here!”

Ms. Zhu said, “It was such a privilege to be part of the game and to see the girls working hard toward their goal, learning to handle mistakes and experiencing the feelings of winning and losing as a team. Great job, girls! We are so proud of you.” 

Congratulations to the Grade 7 girls!