Order of Canada Journalist Visits DP Classes

Last week, the DP Geography and History classes hosted Order of Canada recipient Gwynne Dyer. Mr. Dyer is a London-based independent Canadian journalist, syndicated columnist, military historian and published author. He spoke to Grade 11 students on the topic of nationalism. 

Students from both classes offer their reflections:
“Mr. Dyer’s presentation was an insightful, honest interpretation of the world we live in today. He discussed the rising tide of populism, spurred by the leap in unemployment stemming from the advent of automation. As historians, we were captivated by his comparison of the 21st century against the Great Depression and other difficult times.
Listening to his frank, at-times humorous speech, we decided that he was one of the best – if not the best — speakers we have heard. He spoke in much the same way he writes his columns — enticing us with the naked truth and just a subtle dash of politics. Mr. Dyer’s ability to encapsulate populism and unemployment enough to fully engage twenty students is truly one of a kind!” Alex S. and Justin W., Grade 11
“Mr. Dyer talked about how he became an author and how he turned his love for journalism into a career. He was an interesting speaker who spoke only what he felt, without cares for opinion or backlash. 
He spoke about population sizes and how government can affect populations. We got a view inside an acclaimed author’s head and it was very cool to see his ideas and thoughts on the world we live in today. He was a great speaker and we hope to be able to host Mr. Dyer again!” Allam S., Grade 11