Business Students Visit Boeing

By Jeremy F., Grade 12

This Wednesday, all Grade 12 business students went to the Boeing Factory in Everett, Washington. Students had the opportunity to see the enormous assembly line in person.
Some students also went to the interactive gallery, where they had the chance to fly fighter aircraft on an amazing simulator and look at different models that explained how planes are able to fly with Boeing technologies.
In class, students had a great discussion about what they learned about Boeing’s history and technologies. Here are some summaries of what we learned on the trip:

  • A plane integrates almost four million components. Instead of constructing these components by themselves, Boeing actually purchase them from different suppliers around the world. The entire assembly process is so efficient that Boeing is able to assemble 75 planes per month.
  • For the last few decades, each of the models was tailor-designed to meet the customer’s demands; learning about the history of these different models is very interesting. 
  • Boeing also manufacture for the International Space Station.
  • Boeing has a great corporate culture and this can be seen everywhere in the factory.
  • Every space is used so efficiently, which means the capacity utilization of machinery is unusually high. 
It was an interesting and valuable trip!