Grade 12s Begin Final Basketball Season

For the Grade 12 basketball players, this week was a time for reflection as well as excitement. Both the Senior Boys and Senior Girls teams played their home openers this week, marking the start of their final season playing for the Eagles. 

We hear from Jasmine L. and Allen P. about their thoughts heading into the season:

Jasmine L.: “I’ve been playing basketball since Grade 6. I’m really able to see how much I’ve improved and now I’m playing in tournaments at a higher level. I’m excited to play at Her Hoops in front of our home crowd on Friday and Saturday.

Sports is transferable to all aspects of your life, helping you understand the importance of putting the team first and focusing on what needs to be done at that single moment. I’ve been able to take that mentality and apply it to tests and assessments. 

I’ve noticed in practice, there are a lot more young girls playing. It’s really cool to see all these girls step up and play something that’s traditionally a “guy’s sport”. Today, I saw a bunch of the younger girls getting ready for their game and they were so excited. It was great to see.

I think girls should take the risk and get involved in sport. I haven’t regretted it once. Basketball will give you skills you can use everywhere in life; it helps you to become a leader and gives you a chance to bond with kids from other grades. You’ll find something inside yourself you’ve never known before.”

Allen P.: “It’s sad to know this is the last year of my high school basketball career. I've been playing for nine years now; the fact that this is the last year motivates me to work and play harder every game. I think we have a special group of guys and I hope we can get into provincials for the first time in school history this year!

We won our home opener against WPGA on Tuesday. They are our rivals and they've always been a really solid team with tall and athletic players. We played really well in the first half, but in the second half they made a run to almost come back. Coach always tells us to be resilient and "bend but don't break". We made key plays when it really mattered and we managed to pull out a huge win in front of our home crowd. 

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported our game. We look forward to seeing all of you again in the next home game!”