Students Prepare for MYP Text and Performance Showcase

MYP students are excited to perform their English and Drama pieces for the MYP Text and Performance Showcase on Wednesday, January 29

Maya B., Grade 9, tells us about her experience preparing for the show:

“My group is doing a modern retelling of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible through a movie format. We want to show how the themes and lessons learned in The Crucible are still relevant in a modern-day context. 

My favourite part about this project is the freedom that it gave us; we were able to make our own decisions regarding how we want to showcase our understanding. This freedom not only motivates us to understand the material better, but makes the whole process a lot more fun. 

Throughout this project, I have really appreciated how the skills we learn in our separate subjects can come together and be applied in a real-life context. In our project, we use skills from English (writing the script) and from Design (editing the movie). It's a really nice feeling seeing all of our knowledge coming together.

The MYP Text and Performance Showcase is a great way to showcase all of our work creatively and allows us to take a step back and see what we have accomplished. It's also a really good way to get the parents more involved and aware of what we do in school; it's nice to see them proud of all our hard work. 

The night itself is really exciting and, at the end of it, all of the students and parents are excitedly talking and congratulating each other — it's just a really nice environment to be in.”
This event is open to the whole community. We look forward to sharing this special evening with you.