Remote Learning Highlights

Students are continuing to find new ways to learn and engage with others while learning at home. The Design 7 classes have responded to the COVID-19 situation by producing colour restored photographs, previously black and white, depicting a theme of hope.

I&S 10 - Virtual Field Trip to Vancouver Art Gallery

As part of their I&S unit exploring forms of Canadian media and their connection to Canadian identity, the Grade 10 students took part in a virtual field trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery to view an exhibit called Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything by artist Douglas Coupland.

Design 6 - Mandalas

Using Adobe Illustrator, Grade 6 Design students recently each created their own mandala, a geometric configuration of symbols, as a means of developing meditation and mindfulness in support of easing anxiety for our SJS students and community. Click here to see their work.

Drama 9 - Mask Performance

Drama 9 was in the middle of a mask performance unit before COVID-19, so they decided to make masks out of paper and continue from home. The students made their own masks, created original characters and then created a recorded performance.

Grade 9 - Cookie Workshop

As a part of their public speaking unit, Grade 9 students decided to bake some treats to calm their nerves before their presentations. So now, everyone is motivated as students get to eat cookies before and after they present!