CAS Projects

Grade 11 CAS projects. Students have been involved in experiential learning across the strands of creativity, activity and service and spent the earlier part of the school year planning a major project involving a non-profit or area of community need.

This year, due to COVID-19, our students have shown flexibility and creative thinking by adapting their projects to accommodate our current circumstances. They are revising or starting new initiatives to advocate for and support the authentic needs they value. 

Building Cultural Connections
Our group originally intended to partner with ISS (Immigrant Services Society) to support new immigrants but after COVID-19, we quickly revised our plan to connect with students from a rural Chinese school, in QianDaoHu, China.

After connecting with the school, we organized an online class which included a basic English lesson, a workshop about school life in Vancouver, as well as a discussion with the students regarding their life in quarantine and hope for the future. We used the Chinese video conference app called DingDingTalk, and some of the students have reached out for more information about studying in Canada.  

To continue our work, we will publish an original article on the online international student platform, VanBubble, to make an even bigger impact as well as to spread awareness of the issue of education for rural Chinese students.

If you want to see a more detailed description and full recording on how we are completing our CAS project online, please follow VanBubble on WeChat. 

- Sue, Alisa, Michelle and Sherry
Environmental Stewardship Leads to Family Garden
My original CAS project was supposed to be about urban greening and working with Pacific Spirit Park Society, but due to COVID-19 I was forced to change my idea.

The new project is still focused on urban greening but this time it is more about growing food to help benefit my family. I will be designing a garden in my backyard and helping my grandparents with their garden while maintaining physical distancing.

- Matthew

Cancelled Street Market Still Aims to Help Local Organizations
We revised our CAS project to advocate for local organizations through different social media platforms while quarantined at home. After the street market we planned was cancelled, we realized that people have more time for social media because they are also stuck at home.

We hope to raise awareness for local charities, such as the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Aunt Leah’s and Directions Youth Services by describing the organizations and amplifying their message.

We believe that by spreading information and posting on social media, people will be keen to assist. Due to COVID-19, many people in our community need our help, and we can help support these charitable organizations in order to maintain a balanced society.

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- Hitomi, Annie, Tim, Sachi and Victoria