Congratulations Graduates of 2020

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2020. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our first virtual graduation ceremony a successful experience. 

The grads of 2020 received an impressive 217 offers from 65 universities and over $735,000 in scholarship dollars! We wish this group of resourceful and intelligent students the best of luck and we know they will accomplish great things!

Mr. Blayne Addley told the graduates that the world is changing. "COVID-19 will leave us one day but hopefully the positive changes in attitudes will remain, such as increased compassion for those in need," he said. "Students, it seems to me that the rest of world is only now catching up with and emulating your values. I know all of you are kind, caring and thoughtful young men and women. You care about principles and you care about people. You are intent on making positive changes in the lives of others. The world needs you more than ever."

Ms. Pamela Jefcoat, Chair of the SJS Board of Governors, shared several tips that have helped her find success and happiness over the years; be kind to yourself, be kind to others, don't settle and be authentic.   

In her Valedictorian address, Jasmine L. shared funny anecdotes from her time at SJS and discussed the value of making a difference in another person’s life. She shared that every grad had already made a difference in the lives of any number of their classmates and by that token, they had all already become something to someone else.
Mohit Sodhi ‘12 welcomed graduates to the Alumni Association. Mohit spoke about how fortunate SJS grads were to have gone to such a close-knit and caring school and that the people they mature into will be heavily influenced by the people here. He also stressed the importance of staying connected with the school in the years to come and how much his connection to the school has meant to him over the years.

After completing his master's degree and being awarded the Governor General Gold Medal, he received SJS mementos and a signed card from all the St. John's teachers congratulating him. "I definitely teared up a bit seeing that and I am truly appreciative for the thoughtful gesture. Not many schools do that kind of thing. If you keep St. John’s in your heart throughout your life, St. John’s will keep you in its."
We also said farewell to our four SJS ‘Lifers’ this year: Navi Khakh, Jasmine Lu, Katie Marsh and Yuki Mitsui. Lifers are students who have been at St. John's since Kindergarten or Grade 1. SJS presented each Lifer with a special ring from Maharani Jewels, owned by Sheetal Gupta '99.

As their Class Gift, the grads of 2020 made a donation to Vancouver Foundation's Community Response Fund on behalf of St. John's.

Congratulations to our graduates! Wishing you the best of luck on your exciting next steps.