Stanley the Tortoise

SJS has welcomed a new member to our school community! Stanley is a Hermann's Tortoise who joined us on January 4. He is 17 years old and enjoys walking around Ms. Nielsen's classroom and in his vivarium.
Some of his favourite foods include lettuce, cucumbers and dandelions. We are looking forward to feeding him flowers and leaves from the plants in the rooftop garden in the spring.

He was brought from the United Kingdom when his original owners moved to Canada in 2008. His original owners needed support with his care, so they brought him in to a tortoise breeder based near Edmonton. He arrived in a specialized shipping container to Vancouver and Ms. Nielsen picked him up and brought him to his new home. Stanley has fit in well with the Senior School community so far and has adjusted to the daily routine with Ms. Philpott and Ms. Nielsen.
Stanley enjoys watching the students while they are hard at work and he shows an interest in what they are learning. Stanley will be an active member of the school community by being a focus for service and learning opportunities. He will be receiving lettuce and plants once the grow wall is established from the Junior Kindergarten and will be a part of their future inquiry units. Stanley will also be the focus of service projects for the senior students, especially for the Grade 9 students working on their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. 
Ms. Nielsen and Ms. Philpott are happy to answer questions about the tortoise, and we look forward to finding more opportunities for Stanley to be involved in the St. John's community.
- Ms. Deanne Nielsen, Senior School Teacher