Outdoor Education at Camp Squeah

This October, students in Grades 6 and 7 visited Camp Squeah, located just past Hope, BC, for a few days of outdoor adventure and fun. Two students shared their thoughts on the experience.

Camp Squeah is one of the best camps that I have gone to in my eight years of school.

The activities were both fun and challenging. They were fun because after we mastered the basics of the activity, we could then have fun trying to improve with no pressure as we had already learned the hard parts. The challenging parts were at the beginning of the activity when you barely knew what to do and after you got the hang of the activity, you could easily do it again and again.

When we had free time, we could play sports like soccer, football, volleyball, basketball or you could choose to play in the games room and play ping pong, pool, fuzzball or air hockey.  The food at camp was delicious, even though after our meal we had to bring the plates to the counter and clean up the dining hall.

We had a great experience at camp and I'd like to say a big thank you to the St. John's School staff who brought us there and a big thanks to the instructors of Camp Squeah for making this camp one of the best camps we have gone to.
- Justin L., Grade 7

This past week the Grade 6s and 7s went to a new camp named Camp Squeah, located just past Hope. Camp was a great experience, although it was soaking wet on our last day! My group and I went canoeing on this rainy day. 
Overall, camp was really fun. We got to do things that no one would think to or be allowed to do in the city. We carved soapstone with a saw, hiked up a trail into the clouds (or fog) and burned pictures into a piece of wood.
Camp Squeah was a great way to get away from the commotion of the city and relax with the fun things one can do in nature!
- Gavin N., Grade 6