Grade 2 Scientists

Recently, the Grade 2 classes put their science skills to work. It started with observing the properties of pumpkins and quickly moved towards physical changes.

Each group of students used their thinking skills to create a plan, and then set to work carving out their creations. They kept their thinking going with the counting of seeds in their pumpkins and had upwards of over 1000 seeds in all. It was quickly decided that the seeds should be salted and roasted, resulting in a chemical change and a tasty treat to end the day.

Students also met up with their Grade 5 buddies, who helped them create an exciting mixture that resulted in yet another chemical change. The students combined glue, food colouring and a few drops of a solution of detergent and water, to create their own rendition of silly putty.

The students were also excited to welcome Mr. Dhakal, the Head of the Senior School Science Department, as a special guest to the class. He wowed students with secret messages, fire works and even a solution that kept changing from a clear liquid to a very blue one. The only way to hold the colour was to swirl the liquid and call out, “Blue, Baby, Blue”. We think it was to honour Mr. Dhakal’s inner ‘rockstar’.

It was equally as exciting to explore dry ice with Ms. Betteridge. She wowed the class with the creation of bubble snakes; her version of a crystal ball (but in bubble form); boo bubbles that were too heavy to fly and fun to ‘pop’; a batch of carbonated apple juice; and, even made the dry ice scream. Overall, it was a special week of scientific discoveries!