Arts and Science Centre

The Arts and Science Centre will transform our facility benefiting every student in every programme. It’s an exciting milestone in our school history — a development that will provide unprecedented opportunities for current and future generations of St. John’s students.

The Arts and Science Centre will add 23,000 square feet to our current facility. Visual and Performing Arts studios, science laboratories, a Learning Commons, MYP homerooms, Language classrooms and Rooftop Garden will provide outstanding academic, co-curricular and social space for our students.

Our teachers have been involved in extensive consultation with our architect to be sure that our facilities meet the needs of our students and our programmes.

We will inspire children by immersing them 
in their disciplines.

List of 9 items.

  • Art Studio

    The Art Studio will accommodate painting, drawing and 3-D media. The facility will more than double the studio space for our students to experiment with more media, and store and display work.

    The Art Studio has been designed to create a space where all forms of art can be created without limitation and students can explore various media and techniques. Dominico Nguyen, Fine Arts Department Head, and Sandra Hall, MYP Art, have a very clear vision of an innovative studio that will empower and inspire artists. The facility will be spacious for creation, drying, storage and display. The furniture will be on wheels to allow students to create their own workspace depending on their project and medium. Messy materials will be accommodated with an easy-to-clean polished cement floor and media such as smelly felt pens, air brushes and spray charcoal will be used under the exhaust hood and on the outdoor balcony.

    Lighting is an important aspect of understanding and creating art. Suspended and adjustable lighting will allow students to manipulate and change light direction. Dimmable lights will allow for the calming effect of low light. Natural light from large windows will help students see texture. Dark blinds will enable students to view and study projected art work. Ultimately, the studio the work environment will be controlled through lighting, enabling students to deliberately focus on various techniques, texture and colour.
  • Art Showcase

    Our teachers are committed to immersing students in an environment that will elevate student work. A professional setting for creation and display is two-fold: firstly, completed work will be highly-regarded, suspended from a ceiling grid and posted on the walls. Secondly, the students will be inspired by their opportunities for creation and recognition.
  • Music Studio

    The Music Studio will have dedicated spaces for band, choir and drama. Students will have practice rooms with recording equipment to critique their work and space to rehearse as ensembles and a massed band.

    The Music Room has been designed to provide a professional music environment to inspire our students. Bryan Deans, MYP Music Teacher, envisions a space for individual practising, ensemble rehearsals and massed band opportunities.

    The room will have many controls to address the unique demands of musicians. Superior ventilation and dedicated temperature control throughout will keep our large ensembles comfortable while they rehearse. Various sound-proof practice rooms will be available for students to rehearse independently or in small ensembles. The rooms are equipped with recording equipment to submit work or critique for rehearsal.

    The lighting has been deliberately selected to enhance reading music. Zone lighting with colour balance and natural light will reduce eye strain. The Music Studio will be equipped with a projector to share media and learn theory. Multiple high-voltage power sources will accommodate amplifiers and microphones for any configuration of ensemble; and mobile risers will meet all configuration needs.

    “The Music Department is excited about the new Music Studio as a space to enrich and expand the Music programme. By having dedicated music facilities in the Junior and Senior Schools the students will have break-out spaces, practice rooms and more rehearsals opportunities.”

    - Mr. Bryan Deans, MYP Music Teacher
  • Drama Studio

    The Drama Studio will be equipped with lighting and sound to showcase performances, as well as train a technical crew. Drama students will have pride in their dedicated programme space. Andrea Superstein, MYP/DP Drama Teacher, has designed an open, flexible space for students to express ideas, explore thoughts and be critical thinkers. The Drama Studio will accommodate movement, sets and props. A mirrored wall will support self-critique and a projector will facilitate collaboration and instruction.

    The Drama curriculum includes technical skills; a control room will facilitate lighting and sound instruction for students. Theatre lights, with a professional ceiling grid, and speakers will allow students to have hands-on experiential learning. Various outlets will keep the room flexible and a black box feel will be achieved through screens and drapes. Storage will house costumes for production rehearsals as well as class scenes and assignments. The space will also accommodate small audiences for performances.
  • Science Centre

    The new facility will include two experiential science laboratories. The additional laboratories will enable students from Grades 6 –12 to have science classes in purpose-built science facilities. Venting will enable students to safely conduct Chemistry experiments and laboratory configuration will accommodate collaborative work. Teachers will easily circulate throughout the classroom to oversee student projects.
  • Design and Film Studio

    We anticipate offering Film as an additional course in the Diploma Programme. Consequently, the Design and Film Studio will be designed to allow students access to the latest software and recording technologies to support both film and design for our IB DP Visual Arts and MYP Design programme.

    The studio will include a sound editing room, specially designed to ensure sound quality when recording. Computers will have professional editing software and the film studio will include a chroma key wall for capturing student video and photography. The lay out of the room has all been done to include wall space for displaying student work, bleachers for screening both professional and student made films. As well as, a storage room for storing program resources such as photography cameras, video cameras, lights and design supplies. The studio will inspire student creativity and innovation.

    Recently, the grade ten design students conducted empathy interviews with DP students to find out what the needs and wants for the design studio are. The students used google SketchUp to layout the furnishing and finishes in the new studio space. View student-made examples of how the space could look.
  • Learning Commons

    The Learning Commons will provide a break-out space for current programmes, including, study space, presentations, performances and workshop space for students and parents. Additional programme space will allow for more collaborative work, research and opportunities to bring specialists into the school to work with students and faculty.

    The Learning Commons will also serve as a classroom for students taking online Diploma Programme courses with the support of a teacher. This will allow us to increase the course options for our Diploma students.
  • Rooftop

    The Rooftop will optimize our urban campus by covering the Senior School and Arts and Science Centre roof. The Rooftop will provide an experiential garden and outdoor space in which students will learn, play and socialize. The outdoor space will complement the Courtyard playground.
  • The Atrium

    The Atrium will serve as the social heart of the entire school. This two-level space will be a meeting area for parents and guests, a social space for students as well as a showcase for student work. The Atrium will have the flexibility to serve as a performance space for celebrating student talent and a gallery to exhibit student art. In addition, the Atrium will serve as an indoor/outdoor area to accommodate formal events or student play.
Our vision is becoming a reality through the generous support of our community. The Imagine. Inspire. Create. Capital Campaign has raised over $10.5 million to fund the Arts and Science Centre