From their earliest years at St. John's, students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular clubs, activities and teams that support their growth and enable them to become well-rounded, balanced, global thinkers. 100% of Junior School students and 97% of Senior School students take part in co-curriculars.

Students are able to discover, explore and pursue a variety of interests, both academic and non-academic, supported by the specialized coaching of our teachers. They are given opportunities to compete and excel in local, regional and international tournaments across many fields, from chess to business to basketball. 

Over 70 co-curricular clubs are available across the school. Here’s a sample of the co-curricular opportunities offered at St. John's School, which cover a wide-range of interests.

Grades 1-5 Grades 6-12
Exploration Arts Business Club
Mad Scientists Art Club
Chess Debate and Public Speaking
Chinese Dance Destination Imagination
Choir Duke of Edinburgh
Speech Arts Chess
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance Global Issues in Action
Lego Masters Honours Band
Computational Thinking Jazz Band
Eco-Kids Rock Band
Little Engineers/Architects Intermediate and Senior Choir
Athletic Adventures Strings Club
Brains & Games School Newspaper (Wings)
Service Club Yearbook
Grade 5 Leadership Club Diversity Club
Djembe & Xylophone Club Junior and Senior Coding and Robotics
Creative Problem Solvers School Reach
Participation in teams and ensembles, compared to individual pursuits, results in higher levels of skills in high school students. At St. John's School, our students are fortunate to have many different opportunities to participate in teams and clubs." Trevor Gale, Senior School Principal