Student Support Services

School Counsellors

The role of school counsellors is to support students and their families. St. John's has two school counsellors: one in the Junior School (Grades K-5) and one in the Senior School (Grades 6-12). Their responsibilities include counselling students, supporting teachers and staff, and communicating with parents to contribute to the overall success of our students.

The social and emotional needs of students are attended to through one-on-one personal counselling sessions and age-appropriate/development-level-relevant awareness and prevention curriculum throughout the school year. This curriculum includes interactive lessons, workshops, guest speakers, presentations and student-led discussions, and satisfies the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education. Parent sessions include guest speakers, workshops and book club.

"The social and emotional learning strategy at St. John's School is deliberate and comprehensive. We strive to give students the opportunity to reach out, discuss important topics and realize they are not alone in dealing with typical adolescent experiences." - Nicola Doughty, Senior School Counsellor

Learning Support Services

A team of coordinators, learning support teachers and educational assistants are available to support academic, executive functioning and personal support to students with barriers that may impede learning.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for students with identified learning differences. Staff work with teachers and students within the classroom to support educational goals. Learning strategies and options are employed to provide an environment that is most inclusive and least restrictive for all learners within the IBO curriculum and requirements. In-class support as well as opportunities for out-of-class individualized support are provided to maximize potential and engagement. Assistive technology and assessment adaptations are also available for students with specific needs. Parents, and in some cases the students, are involved in the planning process and regular programme reviews.
Library and Learning Commons

Our Junior School Teacher Librarian (PYP) and Senior School Teacher Librarian (MYP and DP) collaboratively support teaching and learning at St. John’s by providing access to curated resources and lessons that develop multiple literacies across the curriculum.

Our numerous school subscriptions to databases, ebooks and programmes cover a breadth of diverse interests and challenge students to explore both new and familiar areas of study. Students can access the school-specific virtual libraries from home or at school, while our flexible library and Learning Commons spaces provide students opportunities for individual support and extended learning.