University Counselling

Deciding where to go to university and what to study are questions that all students contemplate. Whether a student begins to think about these questions when they are in Grade 8 or Grade 11, our two experienced University Counsellors are on hand with the expertise, advice and resources to guide students and parents through the university application process. Our students receive the attention and care they need to pursue the process of applying to and choosing a university with confidence and trust.

From organizing career days, interview days, hosting university visits to meeting one-on-one with students and parents, our two University Counsellors enjoy being an integral part of the university process. The success of our students as they pursue their interests is a testament to the strength of our advising and IB programmes.

100% of our students are accepted to a university of their choice.

Our students have gone on to study at university in 12 different countries. Read more about recent university offers received by our students.
"SJS prepared me for university by teaching me how to be an independent learner and how to be responsible for my own education. I was able to go into university knowing how I learn and study best. The skills I learned at SJS were crucial in the transition to university and taught me how to be as effective as possible in the classroom."
Michelle Khanna, '18', studying History and Geography at Queen's University

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