Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we need a new facility?
This specialized facility provides the space our thriving fine arts, performing arts and science programmes deserve. It also allows the Junior School students to have specialized facilities – music, languages and art – dedicated to young learners in the Junior School building.

Why did we renovate the Junior School?
We wanted to create a space that enhances the experience of our PYP students. The updated building has additional resources, including Discovery Labs, an expanded PYP library and multi-purpose Common Areas to encourage collaboration.
Are we increasing the number of students at the school?
The additional facility is not to accommodate additional students; the new building provides specialized space for our arts and science programmes to continue to flourish.

Why should I support the capital campaign?
Many families before you established St. John’s at its present site, purchased additional land and expanded the facilities for our child’s benefit. This is an opportunity for you to make a contribution that will benefit your child and generations of children to come.

The success and reputation of the school will increase the pride of our students today, graduates in the past and future students of St. John’s.

Can I structure my gift to the campaign over time?
Yes. Many families have chosen to make their gift through installments over two or three years.

Do I receive a tax receipt for my donation to the school?
Yes. St. John’s School is a charitable organization and will provide you with a tax receipt for the amount of your gift. In general, individuals receive a tax credit of 40% of the amount donated. For example, a $50,000 donation will give an individual $20,000 of tax savings, resulting in an after tax cost of only $30,000. ($15,000 per year over a two year pledge.)

Does the school only receive gifts of cash?

No. The school accepts gifts of securities or stocks as well. This is a very tax effective way of giving. With a gift of securities or stocks, the donor not only receives a generous tax credit but also does not incur capital gains tax. For example, donating $1,000 of a share that you purchased for $500 = $393.70 tax credit + $107.50 savings in tax on gain = $498.80 net cost.

Please speak to your financial advisor to determine the most beneficial way to support St. John’s School.

Is it beneficial to make a gift through my company?

Yes. Your company can make the donation and it will receive an income tax deduction to reduce its taxable income. Note that the income tax deduction is different from an individual tax credit.

Why didn’t the school raise tuition to cover the cost of building?

The school would have to increase tuition significantly to cover the cost of building. St. John’s must keep tuition competitive with other independent schools in the city. The Board has maintained a policy of raising tuition to cover increased operating costs while remaining in line with other schools. Higher tuition would keep excellent prospective families from joining the school due to financial constraints and encourage families to enroll in other schools with lower tuition. Furthermore, philanthropic gifts are tax-deductible and tuition fees are not; supporting the school with a gift of $25,000, rather than tuition of $25,000, ‘costs’ a family 40% less.

Can I buy shares in the school and receive a return on investment?
No. St. John’s School is a charitable organization and does not have shareholders. The school is a not-for-profit organization so all revenue is invested back into the school to benefit students.

Are there naming opportunities?

Yes. There are naming opportunities at a range of different giving levels.
Do I give to the Annual Fund or the Capital Campaign?
Both. Annual Giving is the cornerstone of philanthropy at St. John’s – ongoing – to provide resources for day-to-day programmes that benefit every student. The Capital Campaign is a specific, finite initiative to build the Arts and Science Centre.

If you have any questions regarding support of the School, please contact, Angela Dudek, Executive Director for Advancement at 604 638 1903 or