International Applicants

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • 1. Admissions Requirements 

    St. John’s School welcomes applications from international students provided they meet the following criteria:
    • meet all the requirements of St. John’s School admissions
    • must have or be eligible to apply for a study permit
    • pay tuition in full upon acceptance
    English Requirements:

    Due to the academic rigour of the IB Programme, all St. John’s students must be fluent in both written and oral English. We do not offer an EAL Programme but provide language support to accommodate our English language learners. To confirm you meet these requirements, please contact the Admissions office.
    More information on our admissions process is available here
  • 2. International Student Fee 

    The BC Provincial Government provides an annual grant to St. John’s School for each qualifying student to assist with costs associated with their education. While we have no reason to doubt the continuation of the grant at this time, should the grant be reduced, St. John’s may make adjustments to the school fees to account for the loss in funding.
    A student eligible for the BC Government Grant must be of school age and attend school for a minimum of 600 hours. In addition, at least one parent or legal guardian of the student must be a permanent resident of BC and a Canadian Citizen, a Landed Immigrant or otherwise lawfully admitted to Canada.
    If a student does not qualify for the Independent School Grant, an International Student Fee is applied to cover the amount of the grant.
  • 3. Study Visas 

    Upon acceptance, all incoming international students are required to pay the new student fees and tuition fees in full to receive their letter of enrollment. It is the student’s responsibility to then apply for their study visa.
  • 4. Assessments and Family Interviews 

    Intake PYP JK, K, Grades 1 and 4:
    We will make arrangements for assessments and family interviews for all applicants.
    Non-Intake PYP Grades 2, 3 and 5:
    Shortlisted candidates will be invited for assessments and family interviews upon availability.
    MYP Grades 6-10:
    Applicants to Grades 6-11 must register for the SSAT or the SSAT at Home. Please provide St. John's code 6531 when registering.

    It is recommended that the SSAT is completed by January 2022 for Grade 11 and February 2022 for Grade 6-10.

    In addition to the SSAT, applicants are required to complete the Character Skills Snapshot, which is free with SSAT registration.

    Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a family interview with a member of the admissions team.