St. John’s School welcomes applications from international students provided they meet the following criteria: 1) meet all the requirements of St. John’s School admissions 2) have a valid Study Permit and 3) pay tuition in full upon acceptance.

Due to the academic rigour of the IB Programme, all St. John’s students must be proficient in English. We do not offer an EAL Programme but provide language support to accommodate our English language learners. To confirm you meet these requirements, please contact the Admissions office.


Our preference is to meet all applicants in person for an in-school assessment. However, due to COVID-19, this may not be possible. Applicants must register for the SSAT in advance of the application deadline.


All international students pay the new student fees and enrollment fee in full. Click here for more information on fees. In addition, all students on a student visa are charged an additional $5,000. In order to qualify for the Ministry of Education Grant, one or more parents of a student must reside in British Columbia. If this is not the case, an additional $5,000 fee will be applied.