SJS Summer to Discover

At SJS Summer to Discover, we are offering four weeks of fun and interactive programming for participants aged 4 - 11. Join us for adventure and discovery in our Vancouver neighbourhood and enjoy parks, beaches and the other beautiful amenities in Kitsilano.

Our camps are open to both the SJS community and the wider Vancouver community. 

Our programmes will follow protocols for summer camps as set out by the provincial health authorities. We will be able to safely accommodate campers in our indoor and outdoor spaces.

Summer to Discover Merchandise

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Dates and Times

SJS Summer to Discover Camps run from June 20 - July 15.

Camp Hours:
9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Before Camp Care is available from 7:30 - 9:00 am 
After Camp Care is available from 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Before Camp and After Camp care is offered on a per-day basis. When registering, all days will be auto-selected as session options. If there are days where you won’t require this care, select the appropriate "Before Care" or "After Care" session for your week, and deselect individual days as session options. 


Early Bird Pricing - 15% discount on full day camps until April 13. 
Regular Camp Pricing - $290/week (prorated to $232 for week of June 27 -June 30)

Before and After Camp Care
 per session per day 

Cancellations on or prior to May 31 will receive a full refund. After May 31, registration fees are non-refundable. 

If you need to cancel your child's registration in one of our programmes, please contact us at

Camp Ages

Our camp age ranges are based on birth year, to ensure that participants can be with classmates of the same school grade level. 
Camps for which your child is eligible to register will automatically appear on the registration platform.
Please reference the table below to find your child's registration age group for camp programmes.

Birth Year  Camp Age Group Entering in September 2022
2016, 2017 4-6 Kindergarten, Grade 1
2014, 2015 6-8 Grade 2, Grade 3
2011, 2012, 2013 9-11 Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6

Week 1 Activities - June 20 - 24

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  • 4-6 Age Range

    Superhero Squad 
    Invisibility? Flying? Super Strength? What will your superpower be? Young superheroes will create their own super identities, design and make costume items, and join forces in team activities. Be part of the superhero squad and show your inner super powers!

    Born to be Wild 
    Lions and tigers and bears! Take a walk on the wild side as we explore crafts, games and activities inspired by our favourite animals. You'll be ROARING for more!

    Diggin' For Dinosaurs 
    The world of dinosaurs was a very different place. These young palaeontologists will discover what dinosaurs ate, how they lived, and more! Have fun digging in the sand and using imaginative play to immerse yourself in the past.

    Ocean Adventures
    Dive deep down into the undersea world of dolphins, fish, and whales. Set sail across the seven seas for a week of ocean exploration.

    Ready, Set, Go!
    Get excited for a week full of high energy games and activities that show off your skills and get everyone on their feet. 

    Faries, Frogs and Forests!
    The mystery of the forest is here to explore, filled with fairies, frogs and more! Warm up your magical powers for a week of wonder!
  • 6-8 Age Range

    Sneaky Spies 
    Learn what it means to be a spy! Create and decode secret messages, follow clues, solve mysteries, investigate a “crime scene”, and more. Be the next SJS Secret agent.

    Planet Earth 
    Our planet is filled with wonders large and small. Spend the week exploring Earth through games, crafts and activities.

    Up, Up & Away 
    Take flight this week as we explore things that go up! Buckle up for games, art, and activities focused on getting high off the ground. and Planes, rockets, hot-air balloons...everything this week will be "up in the air" except for our plan for high-flying fun!

    Play Zone 
    Get in the zone! We have a week full of games and activity lined-up for kids that are serious about play.

    Sports Squad 
    Team up with your friends for a week of active games and challenges. We'll get moving with all your favourite sports!
  • 8-11 Age Range

    The Amazing Race 
    You have been invited to compete in this year's The Amazing Race: Summer Camp Edition. With your team, you will "travel around the world" and complete challenges, solve puzzles and riddles, and make themed crafts. Get ready to run, collaborate, and win!

    Lost in Space 
    On the far side of the universe, Jedi are preparing to battle the empire. Design your most powerful lightsaber, captain the Millennium Falcon, and develop your skills in Jedi games and training activities. You’re our only hope!

    Kickin' It 
    Kick your summer into high gear with a week of activity and sports. Perfect for energetic campers who want to build their skills and connect with friends, this week will keep everyone on the move.

    Summer Challenger
    Do you have what it takes for a new challenge each day? Team up with friends and take on the competition.

Week 2 Activities - June 27 - June 30

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  • 4-6 Age Range

    Alphabet Antics 
    Summer fun is as easy as A, B, C! Join us for acitivites inspired by letters of the alpahbet. Each day will feature letter themes, with games and crafts that center on the same letters. You'll be singing "L-M-N-O-P" all the way home every day!

    Once Upon a Time a magical land far away, was a group of imaginative campers who loved exploring fairytales! Castles, dragons, and more await you in this week of stories, and we'll all live happily ever after!

    Out of this World 
    Moondust, Martians and more - let's get out of this world and explore the universe! Strap on your spaceboots and buckle your rocketbelt!

    Olympians in Action 
    Take your place on the podium! Train for our own SJS Summer Olympics. Make your own medals and carry the torch through Olympic activities!

    Aspiring Artists 
    Explore colours through hands-on experimenting. Using imaginative play, painting, drawing, and drama you will be a confident artist!

    Builders & Engineers 
    Grab your hard hats, hammers, and tool belts! Young engineers will use all kinds of materials to experiment with structures, building towers, bridges, and more. From the tallest to the sturdiest, get ready for a week of building challenges!
  • 6-8 Age Range

    Colourful Campers 
    Aqua, lime, maroon and more! Colourful projects and activities will bring out the rainbows in all of us. What's your favourite colour?

    World Travellers 
    From north to south and east to west, experience a virtual world tour through games and crafts from all over the world.

    Green Team 
    Let's get hands-on with plants! This energetic camp gives kids a chance to explore environmental responsibility and care for nature in a fun and collaborative way. Team members will be creating their own nature crafts and projects and participating in active and exciting nature-based games and activities.

    Ultimate Sports Challenges 
    Are you up to the challenge? Show off your skills in this high-energy week of sports and more!

    Astronauts & Asteroids 
    Watch out for flying saucers, comets, and satellites! Grab your spacesuit for a week of far out fun.
  • 8-11 Age Range

    Art Attack 
    Express yourself! This camp is packed with tons of fantastic, outrageous and energetic art projects. Engage your creative mind, create art, and take your first steps in self expression. Campers will paint, sculpt, and draw to share their visions and build their talents, and will make art from everyday materials.

    Field Game Favourites 
    Time to get out on the field and show what you are made of! Let’s get active this summer with our favourite team games like California Kickball, Aces, and more. We will include a variety of fun games on the field and picnic outside. Get ready to move!

    Magic & Mystery 
    Follow clues and investigate illusions to solve the mysteries of magic this week. You'll be a detective as we explore riddles and uncover answers. Practice your own magic but remember: a magician never reveals their secrets!

    Sports & Strategy
    Attention athletes and activity enthusiasts! Challenge yourself, play a variety of outdoor games, and have fun just hanging out!

Week 3 Activities - July 4 - July 8

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  • 4-6 Age Range

    To Infinity & Beyond 
    Have you ever wondered what it's like in outer space? Get ready to explore the galaxy through space-themed games, challenges, and crafts. We'll make alien slime, have a rocket ship race, and much more. The fun will take you to infinity and beyond!

    Run, Jump, Throw
    Bring your athletic abilities! This action-packed week of sports and games will include plenty of opportunities to build your skills and use your energy. Get ready to run, jump, and throw your way into summer!

    Super Sleuths 
    Crack the code and solve the mystery! Immerse yourself into the world of detective work. Get your magnifying glass ready!

    Primary Picassos
    Find inspiration outdoors, as so many artists do! We'll take our art supplies on the go and use all mediums and subjects for our creativity.

    Pirate Treasure Hunting 
    Arrrrr! It's a pirate's life for you! Find buried treasure, walk the plank, and explore the sea.

    Jungle Journey 
    Monkey around with us! With games and crafts inspired by the rainforest and the animals who live there. Get ready: it's a JUNGLE out there!
  • 6-8 Age Range

    Splish Splash 
    Combining creativity with aquatic adventures, this program is for those who love both the water and expressing themselves through different artistic mediums. We’ll splash around with water activities and explore how to create collages using various objects discovered through our beach treasure hunts. Join us for a wet and wild time!

    Crafty Creators 
    Get active as we find artistic inspiration in the outdoor world. Let the wind, leaves and water guide your art!

    Enchanted Forest 
    Experience the magic of the forest! We'll take a trip into the woods to explore the wonders of the trees, search for woodland fairies, and participate in games and crafts that let us connect to nature.

    Planet Earth 
    Our planet is filled with wonders large and small. Spend the week exploring Earth through games, crafts and activities.

    Active Athletes
    It's time to get ACTIVE! Run, jump, throw, roll and more in this busy week of games and movement.

    Deep Blue Sea

    Get ready to explore the depths of the seven seas. Who knows what creatures we will find below the surface!
  • 8-11 Age Range

    Epic Adventures 
    This jam packed week is all about being active, having fun, and participating in team based activities! Activities are designed for campers to engage in problem-solving challenges and fast paced activities that entertain and inspire participants to think outside the box. We'll get explore the community on some out-trip adventures too.

    World Cup Champions 
    The trophy is within your reach! Bring your sport skills to participate in athletic challenges and world cup themed activities.

    Sand & Surf 
    Are you happiest at the beach? Love having sand between your toes? We'll get sandy this week with trips to the beach as well as beachy crafts and activities back on campus. Sandcastles, shells and splashing awaits!

    Art All Around 
    We'll get artsy this week, taking ideas from our surroundings and displaying our masterpieces to share with everyone!

Week 4 Activities - July 11 - July 15

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  • 4-6 Age Range 

    Sports & Action 
    Soccer, basketball, and more! Get in the action this week at a camp best suited to kids who love to challenge themselves, and for those who just can’t keep still!

    Paint & Play 
    With all kinds of paint to inspire us, we'll find artistic opportunities all around us as we play our way through the week. Let your creative energy flow!

    Fairytale Adventures 
    Adventure with other knights and princesses! We’ll read fairy tales, create crafts, and go on a quest that may test even the bravest among us.

    Summer Splash 
    Stay cool this summer. Get ready to splash and be splashed by friends and cool off after active games. The wetter the better!

    Super Scientists
    Watch science unfold and explode! Experiment, inquire, and grow your scientific mind.

    Under the Sea 
    Explore sea life and our beautiful ocean. Students will learn more about our oceans, spend a day at the beach, and splash around at the water park. Make ocean crafts and more!
  • 6-8 Age Range

    The World of Wizarding
    Welcome to the Camp of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Designed for witches and wizards of all abilities. During this week of fun-packed games and activities, we will be exploring the noble arts of potions, herbology, transfiguration, quidditch, and much more! Get ready to use your brain & body to complete challenges and tournaments to help your team win the House Cup!

    Space Explorers 
    3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! Hop in a spaceship to orbit Earth for asteroid tag, planet painting, and alien encounters. Houston, we have no problem.

    Around The World in 5 Days 
    Get your passports ready, travelers! This week will be a quick trip across the continents as we create art and play games in this whirlwind journey!

    Wacky Water
    We'll experience the water all around us this week with wacky and wet games and crafts. You'll be DRIPPING in fun!

    Go For Gold  
    Keep your eye on the prize! Compete in olympic events for your place on the podium and take home a medal!
  • 8-11 Age Range

    Sporty Summer
    Campers will take part in a variety of sport and athletic activities and challenges with a heavy focus on teamwork, leadership, effort, sportsmanship, and fun. What are you waiting for? Join the team!

    Water World 
    It's time to get wet! Splash into summer with a week of water-based activities, games, and crafts. We'll dive into underwater adventures and more. Get ready to drip, spray and splash through a world of water!

    Build it Up 
    How high can you go? This week will be all about structures and building as we find ways to add height to everything we do! Create the tallest towers and check out the view from the top of the playground - the sky's the limit!

    Summer Chill 
    All the best things about summer and camps are here. Tie-dye, field games, and water fights are just some of the highlights.

Contact and Location

Please contact Laura Christensen at with questions. SJS Summer to Discover will be based out of the St. John's School at 2215 West 10 Avenue.