Founders Circle Donor Recognition Evening

A Night to Remember

On Thursday, May 3, we celebrated the support of members of our Founders Circle, those in our community who have supported Annual Giving with donations of $1,500 or more each year.

Guests enjoyed an interactive presentation of some of the educational technology resources currently being used in the classroom. These resources are helping students learn coding, computational thinking, programming and more. Donors were also treated to live music from Challan Wu, Grade 11, and a display of artwork created by our DP students.

This year, we celebrate the fact that parent participation has been the highest it’s ever been, with over 40% of our families donating to Annual Giving this year. We have over 220 annual giving donors who have collectively contributed over $435,000 to date, our most successful year yet!

Thanks to your support, we have been able to accelerate projects and obtain the resources needed to provide the best educational experience for all our students.

Click the link on the right to read all about these successes and more in our 2017-2018 Giving Report.

Thank You to Our Donors

We would like to recognize the families who have been loyal supporters of Annual Giving over the years.

10 or more years:

Anu and Cheryl Khanna 
Stephen and Susan Hutchison
Stephen Lo and Lana Li

Five or more years:

Jonathan and Jennifer Buchwald
Darrell Chambers and Jenny Jung
Wei Zhong Chen and Xiao Yu Lu
Jing Pu Chen and Ling Deng
Jason and Amanda Cherry
Benjamin and Angela Dudek
Chris Franiek and Donna Siu
Yong Huang and Meng Jia Lu
Gary and Jan Kuno
Konstantin and Elena Kurbatoff
Orvin Lau and Janet Lee
Pei-Chiu Liu and Joanna Chiang
Mark and Anne Mainwaring
Robert Marsh and Agnes Lee
John and Ruth McCallum
Judith Mewhort 
Tony Ng and Jean Chuo
Yong Jie Pan and Jia Jue Zhang
Dale Purych and Anne Nguyen
Zhong Zhong Tan and Nicole Zhang
Bruce and Cynthia Verchere
David and Verna Yochlowitz
Henry Yong and Cindy Chan
Junsheng Zhang and Likun Jin