Junior Achievement Be Entrepreneurial Sales Pitch Competition

Grade 12 Business Management students took part in the Junior Achievement (JA) be Enterpreneurial Sales Pitch Competition this morning. Students were tasked with creating and pitching a new business idea. 

The winning team (Celina K., Luhan Y., Hannah X.) created a product called 'VITAE'. Vitae is a dating app that promotes live, face-to-face social encounters. The team created a prototype of the VITAE app to demonstrate the features and its competitive advantage to the judges. The judges were beyond impressed at the Grade 12 students' ability to create their prototype as well as produce a marketing campaign to promote their product to their target market. The promotional video can be viewed here. A winning touch also included the creation of a dairy-free cookie with the VITAE brand and logo for the judges, who heard from the team that new subscribers of their product would receive a branded cookie.
The top results were as follows:
First place team: Vitae  (Celina K., Luhan Y., Hannah X.)
Second place team: Torque Vault (Conrad M., Kieran E., Aidan and Mikayla Y.)
Third place team: STEP (Annie B., Alvin Z., Sam Z., Kelly F.)
The competition was a culmination of hard work across the term, with judges Roberto Aquilini (Aquilini Group), Jim Chu (former Vancouver Police Chief Constable and now Aquilini Group) and Quinn Aquilini visiting students throughout the term to provide coaching and business insights. A fourth judge from the Board of JA Canada attended on a visit from Ontario, after St. John's School was recommended as an example of the initiative in action.