Students Recognized at Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair

Prav M. won a silver medal and the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC Award in the Intermediate Section, while Pari M. won an honourable mention in the Junior Section at last weekend's Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair.
The following students presented their projects at UBC:
  • Pari M., Grade 7: Which wood burns fastest?
  • Zoe M., Grade 7: How do colours affect plant growth?
  • Daniel B. and Ronan T., Grade 7: Which onion makes us cry sooner?
  • Prave M., Grade 10: Renewable hydro electricity generation from tap water
Prav M. won a silver medal and the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC Award in the Intermediate Section. Pari M. won an honourable mention in the Junior Section.

"The science fair was an extraordinary experience. Apart from learning about science and sharing the work that other students and I were presenting, I enjoyed connecting with different schools and exploring the impressive UBC campus. 

It was nice to see students from different schools and learn about various projects. I especially liked a project showing how a robotic body suit could be used to lift heavy objects and help with rehabilitation. 

We also attended an exciting science demonstration of waves and we were able to experience a virtual reality simulation of space."
Prav M.
"My science fair project was about burning wood. I burnt oak, maple, douglas fir and pine wood on a barbecue to see which wood would ignite the fastest, char the fastest and have the highest combustion rate. My results showed that maple charred and ignited the fastest.

I am very grateful for my experience at science fair. While showcasing my project, I got the opportunity to be judged by experts in this field. I learned a lot from them, such as how to measure sap in wood and how I can impact people on a greater scale.
I was also able to look at my peers' projects, which was really inspiring.One of my personal favourite projects was from a student in Grade 9. She developed a way to separate AI generated faces from real faces.
Apart from the actual fair, there were also science shows. The most memorable one was about a tube, called a Rubens' Tube, and how it could show sound waves. On the tube there were small flames which would react to sound and create a pattern illustrating a sound wave.

I feel privileged to be recognized as an honourable mention recipient, among all the other extraordinary displays and experiments. I would like to thank Mr. Brunner, Mr. Dhakal, and Ms. Bella, without whom I would not be able to attend such an inspirational and enjoyable event."
Pari M.
"The fair was a very fun experience that I would definitely want to do again. There were over 200 participating students, all with exciting and unique projects to display. We got to show off our work to the judges on the first day of the fair. I learned a lot of cool things. The judges were super nice and some of them had specialized in the areas of my own project!
We displayed our projects to other students and the public and got to see the work that other kids of our age and higher had completed. It was a great experience that I would definitely recommend."
Zoe M.