Rewards Worth the Risks for Business Club Students

Last weekend, about 15 members of our Business Club took risks to compete in two business case competitions. Their risks and efforts paid off in spades, taking home first and second place at the Ivey Business case competition on Saturday. Our students placed second the next day at the SFU Beedie case competition.

Congratulations to Judy J. and Derek Z., who placed first and second respectively at the Ivey competition on Saturday.
Congratulations to Jerry C., Juna K. Jenny S. and Dolce A. who placed second at the SFU Beedie case competition Sunday. This team was also awarded Best PowerPoint presentation by the judges and Jerry C. was awarded Best Speaker in his tier.
Business case competitions are an excellent method to develop the IB Approaches to Learning Skills (ATL Skills) that are commonly known as "core competencies" or "21st century skills":
Social skills: case competitions require students to collaborate on the PowerPoint and verbal presentation required by the panel of judges.
Thinking skills: critical thinking skills are required to perform competitor, customer and case analysis as well as risks and mitigations. Creative thinking skills are required to present a sound recommendation that demonstrates out-of-the-box, innovative strategies to address the case issue or problem.
Communication skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills are required in the presentation to the judges.
Research skills: Students must engage in research based on the information provided in the case and/or the external environment with regard to changes in politics, economics, society and technology.
Self-management skills: Students must adhere to case competition rules concerning time constraints, team deadlines and organization of the presentations. Further, students develop their management of stress and anxiety associated with presenting to a panel of judges comprised of industry and university representatives.

Congratulations to all the participants on their very successful efforts!