One Year in the Arts and Science Centre

It has been an incredible year in the Arts and Science Centre!

In honour of the Arts and Science Centre turning one year old, we asked students in the Junior and Senior Schools to share some of their highlights. 

“I enjoy being able to learn and make memories in the classrooms. I really appreciate being able to learn in such a welcoming environment."

“Now that the Junior and Senior Schools are connected, it makes it so much easier to see my friends in other grades.”

“It's great to have the benches outside each classroom so we can do our work in the hall."

“The new Art Room gives us lots of space to create new things. We also have so many more tools to work with."

“In the Art Room, we can create art in a comfortable and professional environment.”

“Creating my still life drawing in the Art Room was a highlight for me.”

“Recording a song for my Personal Project using the Music Room’s recording equipment was a highlight.”

“Thanks to the Music Room, I have been able to develop my saxophone skills and we have a larger performance space.”

“I can play my instrument as loud as I want because the Music Room is soundproof.”

“The Drama Studio is really cool because there are stage lights and a backstage.”

“I was able to practice a lot of dances in front of the gigantic mirror in the Drama Studio.”

“My favourite thing is the Drama Room because it lets me express myself.”

“The Science Lab has built in sinks and it makes it very easy to access water for experiments.”

“I like the Learning Commons because it’s a big place to study.”

“I like the Design Lab because it has a 3D printer, a projector and screen, bleacher seating and lots of computers.”

“I liked presenting my Personal Project in the Atrium.”

“The Atrium is really great because it gives us some more play space at school.”

“I like the rooftop because we have somewhere to play and relax.”