Grade 10 Career Day

Thursday was our annual Grade 10 Career Day event, hosted by our University Advising department. 

The day began with a presentation from University Advisor Ms. Gloria Lee who shared some important tips on how to plan for university and the skills that universities and employers value the most. 
Then, University Advisor Ms. Tevy Leyson moderated an alumni panel where SJS alums Owen Marmorek ‘09, Mia Kott '11 and Paul Duong '12 discussed their university experiences and careers in the creative arts, law and law enforcement. They also were shared what students can expect when they attend university and that changing one's mind about their area of study or future profession is totally normal. In fact, all three of these alums switched their degrees and ideas of their future degree.

They spoke about the close-knit community at SJS and how that changes when you go to university. They shared that it can be challenging to develop close friendships at university and to find small groups - join clubs and volunteer as a way to meet people.

Some general university advice from our alums included take courses you are interested in and not to let certain things prevent you from taking the courses you want. If it says course full or certain prerequisites are needed, try emailing the professor directly and asking for what you want.

The alums recommended a few soft skills that students develop, which would lead to future success in the outside world. This included listening/communication skills, patience and discipline, time management, a work/life balance and strong networking skills.

Students also had the opportunity to participate in two sessions where parent volunteers, Mr. Leon Ng, Founder and CEO at LNG Studios and parent of Connor, Grade 1, and Ms. Leah Christoff, Nurse Practitioner at Vancouver General Hospital and parent of Caleb, Grade 6, shared their experiences in entrepreneurship and healthcare. 

Through each speaker's diverse experiences, students were able to learn how key skills such as flexibility, communication and embracing uncertainty are critical to success.

In fact, we had some great feedback from students on both the alumni panel and parent session:

"The alumni session was real. I felt they gave us their true perspective on how university really is."  
"The alumni presentations really relieved some stress for me - that it's okay and easy to change my major."
"All three alumni had very different experiences. It was interesting to hear how they got to their career paths."

"Hearing Mr. Ng's answer about whether to attend business school or not was really helpful. I really want to go to med school but I also want to run a business one day. I've been considering whether to pursue an MBA in the future and his perspective really helped me get more clear about my decision."

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this informative afternoon!