Fitness Centre Updates

Last year, Fitness Room Supervisor Ms. Natalie Willson noticed a few spots in the Fitness Centre which were either misused or underused due to layout and arrangements of the equipment. Under her guidance, the Athletic Department put forward a proposal to consider rearranging and removing some of the equipment so that we could optimize what we already have and add valuable pieces like a squat rack and two olympic bars with plates. This equipment allows for mature movements like weighted squats and deadlifts.

These types of movements are taught and monitored by Physical Education staff and Ms. Wilson, and students must be assessed on their fundamentals of weight lifting before performing such exercises. 
Students are welcome to share their progress on a new SJS Fitness poster which will be up before Spring Break. At the moment we have individual SMART goal cards shared on our bulletin board, which show a lot of diverse training goals.
The current layout and additions have attracted many students and staff to use our Fitness Centre.
Students are reaching their personal best strength goals weekly and monthly. There has been a huge increase of participation with the Grade 11 and 12 cohort. In fact, we have a waiting list as the spots fill up so quickly. We also have the most consistent amount of female students using the Centre than ever before.
Staff use has doubled this year. Most staff members use the facility before 8:30 am and after 5:00 pm to allow for the students to get their workouts in.
While COVID-19 has taken away some activities and sports for our community, it has brought a whole new level of appreciation to this programme and use for our fitness facility.
- Ms. Julia Sanderson and Ms. Natalie Willson

Fitness Centre upgrades made possible thanks to Annual Giving.